AKA Dares Burna Boy To Touch Him

AKA Dares Burna Boy To Touch Him

South African rapper, AKA has dared Burna Boy to touch him after it was revealed that Burna Boy will be performing in South Africa soon. Burna Boy and AKA clashed during the Xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa, which AKA reacted about, insinuating that Nigerians should leave the country.

Burna Boy and other Nigerian celebrities reacted in utter disgust to what he tweeted. See Burna Boy’s reaction to AKA’s tweet on the Xenophobic attacks below;

AKA Dares Burna Boy To Touch Him

AKA Dares Burna Boy To Touch Him

At that same time, Burna Boy tweeted that AKA should watch his back whenever he sees him or whenever he steps his feet in Nigeria. The announcement of Burna Boy’s arrival in South Africa for the Africa Unite Concert, which is scheduled to hold soon, caused AKA to make a tweet daring Burna Boy to touch him as he vowed to attend the concert. He wrote;

“I would love to attend this show and watch this man put his hands on me in my own country.” See the tweet below

Well, seems like everyone is anticipating a fight lol. See the reactions of his and Burna Boy’s fans below.

Well, let’s keep watching!


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