Abuja Man Narrates His Encounter With A Woman Who Pours Her Urine Inside The Meat She Serves Her Customers

Abuja Man Narrates His Encounter With Woman Who Pours Her Urine Inside The Meat She Serves Her Customers

A man who lives in Abuja has narrated his encounter with a woman he went to eat food in her restaurant. According to the man named Ojinimi Michael, he wanted to eat out and decided to eat from a popular ‘Mama put’ in his area, he got there and ordered for soup with starch or swallow, and finally ended up in ordering for rice, he noticed the woman’s uneasiness as she went back to where the food is kept and felt uneasy and felt reluctant to eat the food, he decided to tiptoe to see what the woman was doing; when he slightly opened the curtains, he saw the woman urinate and pour her urine inside a boiling meat.

See what he wrote below;

“See what my eyes saw today๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Have been up since 5am working. At about 3pm, I remembered that I had not eaten so I left the office to a near by ‘Mama put’ to eat something.

I ordered Akpu and Egusi soup, but the lady I saw there said Akpu was not ready that they had only Eba, Semo, and rice. Since I didnt like semo and Eba, I opted for rice.

She brought the rice and I had taken two spoons or there about when I noticed that she was adjusting the cotton at the door that leads to the kitchen where all the foods were. Apparently to block me from seeing what she was going to do inside.

I became inquisitive and I pretended not know what she was doing.
When she went in, I stood up and went to the cotton to peep (that was crazy I know).

My brothers and sisters, what I saw was scary and unbelievable. I saw this woman remove her pants to urinate in a bowl and afterwards, emptied the urine inside a boiling meat on fire, Jesu Christi!

This is no joke o. I ran back to sit and was sweating profusely when I saw this. My heart began to bit very fast and is still beating fast.

When she came out, I just paid her her money and was living.

She kept asking “Oga, you no even eat anything for the food” Can’t remember my response as I was dumb founded. What I just saw only happened in movies

What can I do in this case? This is a serious something o, in this Abuja fa!”

The man went further to say that he has informed some people and they are making plans on how to expose the woman and her restaurant.

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