Barrack Obama Shares Adorable Photo To Celebrate 27th Wedding Anniversary

Barrack Obama Shares Adorable Photo To Celebrate 27th Wedding Anniversary

The former president of the United States Of America (USA), Barrack Obama, has shared an adorable photo of himself and his wife Michelle Obama in celebration of their 27th wedding Anniversary. Barrack who is in the Democratic Party, was the first African man to be the President of the United States of America and the 44th president of The United States of America. During his tenor, he made a lot of positive changes in the American Government, before he handed over to Donald Trump in January 2017. He shared the beautiful photo of Michelle holding him from the behind, while they stared at the sunset.

We all are aware that Barrack and Michelle Obama have two beautiful daughters, Malia Ann Obama and Sasha Obama, who are both successful in their life vocations. Malia schools at Havard University while Sasha graduated from high school.

Barrack took to his instagram handle to celebrate his wedding Anniversary with Michelle Obama.

He posted; “Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!”

See the post and photo below;


Michelle have not made any post yet! We are waiting.

A lot of people, including celebrities commented to congratulate them and show their support for the couple. Some begged Barrack to return as America’s President again. Is that even possible? He’s done with his tenor everyone, and is enjoying his life with his family. I mean, that rest is very necessary, and I don’t even think that Michelle will let him assuming the opportunity comes knocking again. Everything has its time and season, you know.

We wish them many more fruitful years ahead.

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