First Male Birth Control To Be Launched Soon

First Male Birth Control To Be Launched Soon

According to the Hindustan Times, a the first male birth control will be launched into the market soon. The work of this new birth control is to prevent men from getting a woman pregnant.

The medical doctors at the Indian Council Of Medical Research finished the research and clinical trial of the birth control which will be administered into the penis with a syringe.

The Senior Scientist Of The Indian Council Of Medical Research, Dr RS Sharma revealed that the product is ready and with only regulatory approvals depending upon the Drugs Controller.

Dr Sharma said “The trials are over including extended Phase three clinical trials for which three hundred and three candidates were recruited with 97.3% success rate and no one has reported any side effects. The product can safely be called the world’s first male contraceptive.

The Drug Controller General Of India who identified himself as VG Somani, also added that; “It is the first in the world from India, so we have to be extra careful about approval, we are looking at all aspects especially the Good Manufacturing Practice certification that won’t raise any questions about its quality.”

The Senior Scientist who has been the one in charge of the entire procedure also said that; “It is effective for at least 13 years after it has been injected. In the clinical studies on mice, it has been proved to be a reliable spacing method and we will be initiating human studies soon to prove that it can also be used as a reliable and effective spacing method.”

The process of administering the product which is waiting for the approval of the Indian Government before it is released into the market. is called Reversible Inhibition Of Sperm Under Guidance (RISUG).

The process involves the painful procedure of injecting a polymer into the semen production gland also known as the Vas Deferens, a gland which is located on the male organ of reproduction (Penis) close to the testicles.

The process can also be called an alternative to Vasectomy, a surgical procedure men undergo to prevent men from getting a woman pregnant. It blocks the sperm from entering the semen when a man ejaculates. It can also be called Male Sterilisation.

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