Have You Heard About This Personality Disorder?

Have You Heard About This Personality Disorder

During my reading and research in 2015, I discovered this, a condition called PPD ( Panic Personality Disorder). A lot of people may or may have not heard about this personality disorder before. I wrote this because of how most people that I’ve met or interact with behave or react to situations. I can tell you that most of the people with this personality disorder may have had bad experiences, you this saying that there is no smoke without fire. Well…

People with PPD (Panic Personality Disorder) do not trust other people. In fact, the central characteristic of people with PPD is a high degree of distrustfulness and suspicion when interacting with others.
Even friendly gestures are often interpreted as being malevolent or manipulative. They often suspect even people they know, of planning to harm or exploit¬†them when there’s no good evidence to such belief.
Patients with PPD often have few intimate friends or close human contacts.
If they marry or become otherwise attached to someone, the relationship is often characterized by pathological jealousy and attempts to stalk their partner. They often assume their partner is “cheating” on them.
People with PPD are very difficult to deal with. They never seem to let down their defenses. They are always looking for evidence that others are against them.

The core symptom of PPD is a generalised distrust of other people.
People with PPD do not have any of the hallucinations or delusions seen in patients with PSYCHOSES. They often misinterpret the compliments offered by others. They persistently question the motivation and trustworthiness of others. They always have feelings of certainty, without justification that people would just harm or exploit them.

Causes Of PPD ( Panic Personality Disorder) May Include The Following

No one knows what causes PPD (Panic Personality Disorder) also called Paranoid Personality Disorder. Estimates of the degree of genetic contribution to the development from childhood are similar to the estimates of the genetic contributions to adult versions of the disorder.

Treatment Of PPD ( Panic Personality Disorder)

The only treatment to this disorder is Honesty with Evidence, Love and Mental Therapy. It can be easily treated in children than in adults. Sometimes these people do not give in to treatment because they do not trust even the therapist unless you try and convince them, lol, you can’t even convince them. If you know or have anyone like that all you need to do is be truthful and show them more love.

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