K-Pop Star Sulli Dead Of Suspected Suicide At 25

K-Pop Star Sulli Dead Of Suspected Suicide At 25

K-pop singer was found dead in her apartment. The K-pop Star Sulli was found dead in her apartment in a suspected suicide. The singer and actress who was always suffering from cyber bullies is suspected to have taken her own life,  by the police.

Her manager found her dead body at her home in South Seoul. He went to check on her because she hadn’t been picking up her calls for some hours.

According to the statement of the police, the young woman who had been suffering from harsh comments from people, had been suffering from depression.

She was popular for her drive and boldness to fight for the rights of the female gender. Her outspokenness for the rights of women caused people to bully and harass her online.

Sulli whose real name is Choi Jin-ri was in the girl band f(x) since 2009. She left the group in 2014 because of a health issue in 2014. She left in 2015 to pursue her career, solo. In June she released a song titled “Goblin”.

She starred in several Tv Series and drama. She was a feminist who was really against cyber bullying. She was also a co-host of a talk show where some celebrities talked about cyber bullying and how they respond to cyber bullies. The talk show which was hosted in June was termed “The Night Of Hate Comments”

During the talk show, she addressed rumours and also talked about the criticism she was receiving because of her lifestyle.

The 25-year-old was very active on social media.

Some of her fans and critics has reacted to the news of her death. Some critics are still criticising her upon she’s dead. Someone said that she never respected the male folks, and many other comments made by people.

Well, i hope that someday some people will start minding their business when people air their opinion about certain topics or issues. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Power lies in the tongue. It’s ok to disagree with someone’s opinion, but saying hurtful things to them is unfair.

One of her fans commented on her Instagram page, insinuating that she was only thinking about herself. The other person insinuated that the bully on Asian celebrities was too much, and other people were comparing Asian singers with Mexican singers.

The actual cause of her death is still being investigated by the police. The news of her death brought shock to her fans all around the world, especially the K-pop fans.

Well, she will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace, Sulli.

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