Man Beats His 6-Month-Old Baby To Death In A Hotel

Man Beats His 6-Month-Old Baby To Death In A Hotel

A British man has been arrested for beating his 6 month old baby to death, inside a hotel. Man Beats His 6-Month-Old Baby To Death In A Hotel. The incident happened while he was with his wife. It all started when the man suddenly started beating and hitting the baby till the baby was unconscious, his wife who was watching what was happening but could not do anything about it immediately rushed downstairs to seek for help.

The British man who beat his baby daughter to death committed the atrocious crime inside a Five Star Inter-continental hotel at Kazakhstan, Almaty. After the man’s wife rushed downstairs to get help, the hotel management called the police, the police arrived immediately and arrested the man, while the baby was rushed to the hospital.

One of the hotel’s chief of staff who was identified as Aliya Dauletova, told the Tengri News reporters that the hotel’s performed a first aid on the child before an ambulance arrived the scene to take the baby to the hospital. She also revealed that the baby finally died in the hospital minutes later.

The father of the child was arrested and charged with the murder of a helpless person and kidnapping. The man punched the baby several times on the head.

According to the reports reaching us, the man’s name have not been revealed, and also the reason why he punched his child to her own death have also not been revealed. The couple’s name was also not revealed.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that they are still in contact with the Kazakhstan police and the day that the man will appear in court have not been revealed.

The man’s trial is currently still in the custody of the police and o information has been revealed concerning the man, his wife and what pushed him to kill his daughter. The baby girl died as a result of the wounds she sustained by the heavy punches that her own father gave her on the head.

It’s quite a pity.

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