Man Gives His Girlfriend Bread As A Birthday Gift

Man Gives His Girlfriend Bread As A Birthday Gift

Love they say is beautiful. A young woman was tested on her birthday by her boyfriend who wanted to know her reaction. Well, no one knew the reasons behind his actions. Everyone, including the young man’s girlfriend’s friends were present at the party which was arranged by the girl, when the young man arrived, with a plastic bag in his hands.

Below is the story;

A girl who was so proud of her boyfriend always told her friends how good her boyfriend was to her. On her birthday, she hosted a party at her place, invited all her friends both male and female. She also invited her boyfriend, he was the special guest of honour.
After cutting the cake and blowing off the candle lights, it was time for the presentation of birthday gifts, everyone presented his or her gift to her. Everyone waited for d girl’s boyfriend to present his gift to her. He brought out a plastic bag and handed it to her, she opened it gradually, unmasking the package wrapped with a gift wrapper, when the gift was finally opened, it was a loaf of her favourite bread, she got angry immediately, and with utmost disgust, she threw it at her guy and shouted “what nonsense!!!”. The guy who tried to calm her down, picked up the bread and fully wrapped it, a car key with an engagement ring box fell out. At the sight of the box and the key, the young woman tried to come close to hug and apologise to her man, but the young man did not want her close to him. He picked up the bread, car key and engagement ring box, and walked out of the party amidst her pleadings.

But, before he left, he said to her: “Learn to appreciate anything given to you no matter how small it is.”

Everyone at the party was shook, no one knew what to say or do. Her friends tried to console her, but she didn’t want anyone close to her. Well, as it should be, everyone finally went home.

Well, if you are a guy, what would you have done, will you forgive her and carry on with the relationship or will you leave? If you were the lady, how would you have reacted on seeing the bread, would you be patient enough to wrap the wrapped bread?

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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