Mike BBNaija Is Overrated, Quote Me Wrong

Mike BBNaija Is Overrated, Quote Me Wrong

That’s right, you can read the headline again. Mike BBNaija is overrated.

Mike Olayemi Edwards is the second runner-up of Big Brother Naija Season 4, which ended on the 7th of October 2019, with Mercy Eke emerging the winner of the show. Mercy Eke is the first female to emerge winner since the show ever started. She won the sum of 30 million Naira with an Innoson Motors Sports Utility Vehicle worth 25 million Naira, a scanfrost electronic makeover, one year supply of Pepsi Cola, one year supply of Munch It and Indomie noodles, an all expense paid trip to Dubai for two and two VIP Tickets to watch the European Champions League Finale.

The 28-year-old has always been praised by people, especially Nigerian men and women, for not cheating on his wife while in the Big Brother Naija House, even when a fellow housemate, Jackye obviously liked him.

Former Big Brother Africa housemate, Uti Nwachukwu once described him as the new Nigeria. A lot of ladies described him as the perfect man, the perfect husband material. Someone that is in a serious relationship even went to the extent of falling in love with him, because of his faithfulness to his beautiful wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton, who is a British track field athlete.

Mike BBNaija Is Overrated, Quote Me Wrong
Mike and his wife, Perri

One lady wrote about how she and her boyfriend nearly had a misunderstanding because of Mike lol.

Well, the hype about how Mike carried himself while in the Big Brother house, shows how damaged our society is, believe it or not. The hype shows that 98% of men do not value their partners enough to be loyal to them. It shows how very damaged the mentality of our society is.

An actress, Lala Kemi Akindoju said that; “When a man is in a committed relationship, especially marriage, he he should respect his wife. We should not celebrate people for behaving normally. We are used to bad behaviour.”

I support her statement though. Mike was not the only housemate who behaved himself while in the house. Seyi did not misbehave while in the house, he kept his cool respecting his longtime girlfriend, nobody praised or hyped Seyi because he’s not married? Tacha also behaved herself while inside the Big Brother house because she had a boyfriend outside the house, no one hailed or praised her for that because she’s not married? Cindy, N.K and Omashola behaved themselves too, but no one hailed them.

The Big Brother Naija show held for 3 months, Mike held himself from misbehaving on a National TV for 3 months, because he’s smart and respectful. During the last two seasons of the show, recall how one of the married housemates, Thin Tall Tony misbehaved on live Tv, let me not even write further on that sef.

Well, I see nothing in this hype about Mike. People should be loyal to their partners. Three months is too short sef, it’s nothing. I’ve seen people who have gone one year and more without having any sexual relationship with someone who is not their partner, or even someone else. There are celibate people out there, both men and women. They are humans right? Has anyone praised or encouraged them?

Mike is humble, yeah. Mike is sociable, yeah. But he wasn’t the only one with such characteristics while in the Big Brother house. It is normal and beautiful to be faithful to your partner. It’s such a shame that our society feels that it’s a norm for a man to cheat on their partner.

All the praise on Mike is because 98% of Nigerian men cheat on their partners, and most of them cannot go up to three months; did I just write three months? Lol! two weeks or even a week!!! Some cannot even go a day! Yeah, that’s how bad it is, and it’s really shameful and appalling.

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