New Born Baby Rescued After Being Buried Alive In A Cemetery

New Born Baby Rescued After Being Buried Alive In A Cemetery

A newborn baby identified as a baby girl has been rescued after she was found buried alive in a cemetery in India. The new born baby rescued was saved by a couple who also came to the cemetery to bury their dead child.

According to CNN New Delhi, the unsuspecting couple who did not want to be identified came to the cemetery in Uttah Pradesh, to bury their child who died in the hospital on 10th October, 2019.

The Superitendent of the Police of Bareilly district who identified himself as Abhinandan Singh, told the CNN that, according to the couple, when they started digging the ground, they started hearing the cries of a child, and they continued digging the ground till about two to three feet more, they found a baby girl who was buried inside a pot, a clay pot.

It was also revealed that the bay was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately for further investigations and tests by the cemetery guard who called the police immediately, and it was discovered that the baby was already suffering from infections.

The medical personnel who carried out tests on the baby, identified as Alka Sgarna, said that the baby weighs about 3.3 pounds and has some infections.

The medical personnel also revealed that the baby could have been left in the grave to die, because the place where she was buried was really lonely and that the child had been in that grave for more than four hours before she was saved by the couple who came to bury their child.

India ranks number 130 out of the 151 countries in the world, among the countries with the most gender inequality. It is a country where the birth of the female child is not really seen as a blessing. The Gender inequality Index which was compiled by the United Nations Index rated India the number 130. A United States based Non Governmental Organisation Project, more than twelve thousand female fetuses are aborted in India, every year.

The abandoned baby is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. It was also revealed that the four day old baby is suffering from a respiratory problem, and needs adequate care and a ventilator because of her exposure to such environment, heat and cold.

The police and the investigating team has launched an investigation to find the parents of the girl. They will be charged with attempted murder and abandonment of a child.

I wonder when men will learn the meaning of the XY and XX chromosomes. The sex of a child depends on the man, not the woman. A man has the XY chromosome, while the woman has the XX. XX is the female chromosome, while the XY is the male chromosome. People should learn to accept a child despite their gender.

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