#ripjeffbezos: Is Jeff Bezos Dead? Rumour Spreading Like Wildfire

#ripjeffbezos Is Jeff Bezos Dead Rumour Spreading Like Wildfire

Is Jeff Bezos Dead? A rumour spreading like a wildfire has it that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is dead.

On Tuesday, 7th July, some Twitter users took to the streets of the controversial social media platform, to create the trend #ripjeffbezos, making the entire ‘tweeps’ and fans of the international technology Boss to go wild with the trend.

Two days, ago, it was recorded that Amazon’s stock keeps rising higher and higher, while the world’s economy keeps decreasing, and this was caused by the Coronavirus brouhaha, which has put a halt to a lot of businesses and a huge decrease in their profit.

According to Forbes, since the Coronavirus pandemic started, Amazon has made more than $3.1 billion, and this also made some people to even say that Jeff Bezos makes money, even while sitting in his toilet.

So, is Jeff Bezos dead or alive? Well, we are here to tell you that #ripjeffbezos is a hoax and this trend is a rumour, created by some bored tweeps, just like when #ripellen was created and it trended.

The hoax which is seriously spreading like wildfire almost made us believe that it is true.

And, guess what? I made a tweet asking why #ripjeffbezos is trending, and the reply I got is that it is just for fun. Well, who jokes about people’s death? I guess they started this trend, because of his reputation as the world’s richest man, even after his divorce with his wife.

Recently, it was reported that, with the way things are going, that Jeff Bezos could become the world’s first Trillionaire, come 2026. He also donated $100,000 million to Food Banks, as Covid-19 relief fund.

Some tweeps did not agree with the trend and criticised those who are carrying the rumour.

This is all we have for now, as there is no news or confirmation about the death of Jeff Bezos. Please, disregard all the rumours.

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