See What This Lecturer Did To Students Who Came Late For His Exam

See What This Lecturer Did To Students Who Came Late For His Exam

Double trouble! Three university undergraduates are in trouble! They arrived late for a major course exam, they prepared a lie to tell their lecturer, unknown to them that their lecturer had a better strategy.

Three university guys did not attend an examination because they were not prepared so, they came up with a plan, they got themselves dirty with grease and dust, and went to meet the Dean of studies, then their lecturer.

The young man who led the group said, “Sir,we are really sorry we didn’t participate in the examination, we attended a wedding and on our way back,our car broke down so,we got dirty, please can you give us the grace to re-write the exam?”. The Dean understood and gave them three days to prepare for another examination. The Dean also informed their lecturer about the latest update.
After three days they came back for the exam well prepared because they really studied hard for the exam. On the scheduled exam day, the Dean made an arrangement, he ordered that the three young men would write their exams in three different classrooms. The Dean was unaware of the questions the lecturer had in mind to give them, the lecturer did not place any invigilator in any of the classes either. The three young men were searched very well before they went into the exam halls. The lecturer also made sure that none of them had their phones. There was no room for any form of examination malpractice. The exam questions was shared amongst them and they were only four questions to answer all. Here are the questions:

  1. Who and who got married? (25marks)
  2. Where was the wedding reception held?(25marks)
  3. Where exactly did the car break down?(25marks)
  4. What type of car broke down?(25marks)

NOTE: Your answers must be the same. Goodluck.

If you were in their shoes, what would you have done?

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