Successful Car Wash Owner Said He Washed His Classmate’s Expensive Car When His Business Was Still New

Successful Car Wash Owner Said He Washed His Classmate's Expensive Car When His Business Was Still New

A successful car wash owner, Chukwuemeka Dickson James, has revealed that he washed his classmate’s expensive car when he was still starting up his car washing business. The young man revealed how stressing, depressing and embarrassing he felt washing people’s car at first, how he shoved off the shame and focused on his business. The young entrepreneur shared his story on his social media page. Look at what he wrote below;

“I have once washed the car of my mate. I don’t mean I washed the car of a young man that owned a car. No, I mean my Mate. Someone we schooled together, Same Faculty and same year of admission.

It wasn’t in 1954 or 2001. it wasn’t 20 years ago. Just last two years. 2017, Same year I left school. While I was still trying to find my bearing in life, Some of my mates were already driving cars worth millions.

I Remember the day he drove In with this Very Charming, whitish and beautiful Avalon. Hey, that Car can cause an erection.

When he stepped out and I saw him, I was surprised. “Ahn Ahn, no be this guy be dis?, see enjoyment” I said to myself.

Well, the bottom line is that I washed his Car, he went on to become our very good customer. He always leaves a tip.

I wasn’t really a nobody in school, maybe I had no SUG executive position but I was very active in school. My course mates could testify, a whole “Sir Dick”? I even contested for a position in the faculty.

One would probably pity me seeing me doing that but I wasn’t bothered at all, it was a Car wash I just established with a friend. That Car wash Cost us over half a million. So we had to be present at least during the first few weeks/months of the business.

I was busy for months washing people’s car. Old men, old women, young men young women and even people I was older than. As long as you can pay me, if you like be a 15 year old lady. I will wash your car and collect my money

I wasn’t shy about it, I didn’t start explaining to him that “I’m the owner oh”, I didn’t even care if he thinks I’m working for someone or suffering.

Provided I had a plan, I was focused and it fed me? I kept pushing. I knew I was building something. I knew it was a phase.

This is to the hustlers out there, male and female. Those still struggling

You might not necessarily be where you want to be, you might not necessarily be where your mates are. Your hustle might even be ruining your school reputation and past glories.

You might just be a waitress in a restaurant, a plumber, a sales boy/girl, a Carpenter, things that people don’t expect you to be doing, do it with boldness provided it feeds you. You owe no one any explanation.

Keep pushing, plan ahead, have dreams, set deadlines, be smart, be hardworking, be prayerful, be hopeful, be nice and kind to people. It’s just a phase. #IRESTMYCASE”

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