#Unizikvc: Students Cry Over Unizik School Fees Increase

#Unizikvc Students Cry Over Unizik School Fees Increase

The students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University has taken to social media to protest over the sudden increase of school fees. Unizik School Fees Increase.

Few months ago, a new Vice Chancellor was elected in Unizik. Before Professor Esimone’s election, the regular students of the school was paying the sum of N20,100, the first year students paid the sum of N68,000 and the acceptance fee of N24,000; but according to the rumoured increase in school fees which was confirmed by the clearance form of two year one students of the school, the regular year one students are to start paying the sum of N100,000 and the acceptance fee of N47,000; and the regular old students will now start paying the sum of N50,600.

Students of the institution took to twitter to raise their concerns about the school fees increase. One of the students wrote a letter to the new Vice Chancellor, pleading a reconsideration. The young man pointed out how difficult it has been for some students to even pay the previous fee of N20,100. See the letter below;




Dearest Vice Chancellor, I trust God that you are in good health.

Sir, this letter is a follow-up to several open letters that I have written to you over the welfare of Zikites as it pertains to increments of different fees.

Sir, Nnamdi Azikiwe University will be sitting on the keg of a gun powder, if the feelers currently circulating online that the fees payable by old students and freshers has been hiked is true.

Sir, under your predecessor Prof. Joseph Ahaneku students were made to make the following payments.
Matriculation #5,000
Acceptance fee #24,000
Tuition fees for freshers #64,000
Old Students #20,100

Today, the news making round online is that Zikites under your watch now have to make the following payments,
Matriculation #10,000
Acceptance fee #47,000
Tuition fees, freshers #100,000
Old Students #50,600.*

Our beloved institution have experienced an atmosphere of tranquility unlike what is obtainable in other institutions across the nation.

The recent increase in cost of tuition if true is reckless unjustifiable and insensitive to the plight of the students especially at this difficult moment when Nigerians are facing difficult financial challenges occasioned by unfavorable policies by the Government of the day.

The school fees increment means that the children of the poor can no longer attend school as they cannot afford the fees based on the socioeconomic status of their
parents and guardians.

Sir, may I draw your attention to an excerpt from a Facebook post made in reaction to the alleged increment by one Pretty sandra, ”Even if the school fees is 500k, I go pay, I will just hustle for a month, Las Las na my Toto go suffer am” the above quote means that the increment is an open door for Prostitution for those whose parents and guardians cannot afford the alleged hike of school fees.

Sir, there were students who were unable to write exam because of the #20,100 school fees, imagine what will happen if the new fees as purported is true.

Sir, I believe that as a man of God, that God brought you to ameliorate the hardship and suffering of Zikites, but alas Zikites are about facing a ”Rehoboam reign” where the students are been wiped with scorpions.

Sir, It is imperative that you rise to the occasion and address this issue as it has tendency of generating unrest and protest among the students.

Why Zikites await your response, we shall continue to treat the news as a rumour.

God bless Anambra State
God help Nigeria

Yours Sincerely,

Amb. Timothy Nwachukwu (De Peoples Advocate)
Faculty of Law, Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Endorsed by Comrade Izuchukwu Chikeluba for Concerned Zikites”

See some of the reactions from students of the institution on Twitter below;

According to the reports reaching us, the school authority have not reacted to any of the rumour.

See pictures of the documents of newly admitted year one students who recently did their physical clearance at the university, showing that they paid the rumoured sum of N100,000 below;

#Unizikvc Students Cry Over Unizik School Fees Increase

#Unizikvc Students Cry Over Unizik School Fees Increase

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