Woman Fires Nigerian Feminists Says They Are Boring

Woman Fires Nigerian Feminists Says They Are Boring

A Nigerian woman has come for Nigerian Feminists. The young woman who is a law student of a prestigious university in Nigeria, said that Nigerian Feminists are becoming boring and annoying.

She wrote about women who blame men for almost everything. She used the happenings in the Big Brother Naija Season 2, 3 and 4 in the context of her post. She went on to write about how her father has been heading her family in a lovely way and how it is men who make the most sacrifice.

See what she wrote below;

“Nigerian Feminism is getting boring and silly, just like a broken record. EVERYTIME Men, Men, Men!!! Men are controlling women,Men are Subjugating women and putting women under. Men are doing this, Men are doing that!

Yet It was Frodd begging after Esther, Washing her towels while she slept peacefully in the HOH room, it was Frodd Washing undies and being insulted and put down by Esther.

It was Teddy A crying for Bam Bam on live TV, it was Mike always clutching his wife’s image on the pillow and talking about her everyday, It was Mike, ready to sacrifice endorsements and deals if his wife wasn’t involved.

It was Tacha calling Omashola a she goat because according to her, A male goat has more levels than a Female goat.

It was also Tacha calling her fellow woman a prostitute and slut shaming her at every instant.

It was Tacha telling her fellow woman “see how your breasts are fallen and you call yourself a Virgin?”

It was Efe crying for Mavis and washing her clothes and cleaning her up when she threw up all over the house.

Maybe I’m the abnormal one but in my family it was always the men sacrificing. It was my dad doing everything to keep the home together, it was my dad that sacrificed for me, it’s my dad I remember doing all my school run, taking care of me when I’ll, taking me to the hospital, coming to my matriculation and graduation.

Tomorrow, you’ll give birth to a son and your tone will change. I don’t blame you.

Don’t go and cover up your body and look for a legit job that doesn’t involve selling yourself cheap to men and later feeling worthless and coming to drag men on social media.

Don’t go get a job and stop looking for Men to send you recharge card and Gotv subscription.

Men, Men, Men!!!

Now a woman has posted her nakedness on Twitter and it’s Men that are being dragged even when it’s majority of women condemning her nude act.

Respect is earned. No Man is going to see Okonjo Iweala or Michelle Obama and boo her calling her Ashewo or ask her to suck his D** for change.

Go pick your dignity from where you dropped it and leave Men Alone!!”

Truly, respect is earned.

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