Woman Saves Girl Who Was Almost Raped By Her Sister’s Husband

Woman Saves Girl Who Was Almost Raped By Her Sister's Husband

A woman has revealed how she saved her neighbour’s teenage sister from being raped. Woman Saves Girl Who Was Almost Raped By Her Sister’s Husband.

The woman identified as Justina Justify Ihemadu, narrated how she saved her neighbour’s younger sister from being defiled by her husband. The woman who took to her social media page to narrate her ordeal wrote that after the man was caught in the act by his wife, he did not deny the fact that he was lusting after his wife’s teenage sister and demanded that the girl leaves their home or he would get her pregnant.

See what Justina wrote below;

Long post Alert but I ll try mk it short.

I have a little girl Staying with her elder sister in my compound who always confide in me.
She seen me as her Big sister, she can tell me anything and everything.
Few months ago on a Monday afternoon she came to me crying seriously that she want to see me. I opened she entered and was telling me her sister husband is trying to sleep with her.

I was very shock because I never expected that from d Uncle. This was a girl that has been with them since she was 6 years old. Na she is 13 going to 14 by December and in SS1

To be honest I was short of words, I allowed her to cry First before asking her how long has this been going on and she said since she was 12.
That he threatening her not to tell anyone unless he ll stop paying her school fee and send her back to the village and she don’t want to go back to the village.

That Sunday when he came back from meeting, he sent his wife an errand, when she has gone, he called her inside and was trying to force himself on her she was fighting bck untill the sister returned and knocked.

I asked her if she has told d sister she said d sis ll not believe her.

To cut d long story short. I told d sister, she was shocked as well and decided to catch her husband red handed but she later asked the husband who at first deny it but when she said she saw him on Sunday through the window, he accepted but told d wife that d only solution is for the sister to go back to the village if not he ll surely impregnate her one day.

So plan to take her to d village was going on but my Little girl come to me crying she don’t want to go. That I should help her.
I try advise her to accept fate that God can still make her somebody even when she is in d village. she keeps crying. Until her mother came from the village and said she ll take her back.

On Saturday I came back a neighbor told me that my frnd is at d backyard crying with all her clothes I asked what happened if anyone beats her she said no, that she is crying bcos she ll be traveling back to the village on Tuesday.

I went to see her ask her why the tears she said she don’t want to follow her mother bck instead she want to run away to an orphanage home and stay.

The mother later Call me to help her talk to her daughter which I did she keep saying her dreams ll b cut short in the village that her eldest sister who they think we take her in said her husband said he can’t train her in school. So her mother has no option than to take her along when she wants to go back on Tuesday.

Funny enough that same day while I was in the car coming back from a wedding, a friend chatted me up saying she is looking for someone to stay with her to help her look after her kids while she go to work. So I replied her and told her Abt my little friend and also told her that my frnd needs Education wish she promised to give her.

She and her husband later come to see her mother yesterday and her mother and elder sister agreed that she ll go stay with them since she don’t like going back to the village. and my friend also was very happy.
The family look nice and ok to me but person not dey knw finish.

I have my own fear, fears of the unknown, fear of what if they maltreat her later??
Becos after reading many sad tales here I don’t know what to think again.

Pls I want to ask am I doing the right thing??
Bcos she really not want to go back to the village with her mother.
And for my friend to chat me up at that particular Time to me shows that her cry had been heard by God.
Tonners Let me hear ur view on The matter.

Still my humble self JJI”

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